Senior Learning SessionS

Senior learners are invited to “visit” Israel once a month and learn “Live From Jerusalem”. All you need is a computer projector/mic/camera and you’re ready to go!

Every month a presenter shares with the audience a “slice of life “from Israel that is both engaging and inspiring. Here is just a sampling of the sessions we have done over the last months: 

January 2017: Going South for the Winter

Discovering the Secrets of the Negev

February 2017: Tu Beshvat-A Plan for the Planet

The latest in Ecological Innovations in Israel

March 2017: The Israeli Art Scene

What are the newest trends in Israeli Art?

April 2017: Yom Hashoa Program-Heroes of the Holocaust

Profile of the Righteous of the Nations

May 2017: Yom Yerushalayim


June 2017: The Geology of Israel and Historical Consequences

The Mountains do make a Difference

July 2017: The Real Streets of Jerusalem

A look at the photographic work of Sharon Altschul who chronicles everyday life in Jerusalem.

August 2017: Art by Geulah

American Israeli artist Geulah Twersky shares what inspires her to create

September 2017: The Glass Half Full

While Israel certainly has its challenges, there has also been remarkable progress in the year 5777

Cost: $150 per session

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