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ISRAED was created in order to provide an easy to use and accessible resource for all those seeking to deepen their connection to Israel and Judaism. With the exception of actually visiting Israel, there is no better way to achieve this connection then by a virtual visit and by learning from educators who reside in Israel and can share the rhythm and vibrancy of Israeli society.

The mission statement of ISRAED reads:

To offer distance learning sessions live from Israel to educate and connect students and adult learners with the history, people, land and culture of Israel.


Rabbi Joel Cohn

ISRAED was founded by Rabbi Joel Cohn. Joel served as Assistant Principal and then as Principal of SAR Academy in Riverdale, NY from 1983-2005. Shortly after his arrival in Jerusalem in 2005 he started to offer classes to a wide variety of audiences using the nascent medium of distance learning. Since that time, Joel has taught audiences of student and adult learning groups via distance learning from Mexico to Canada, from California to New York, and many places in between.

Board of Directors


Rabbi Zweiter has led the Lookstein Center at Bar Ilan University for the last 20 years. In that capacity, he has directed many important educational initiatives in Jewish Education. Prior to his Aliyah, Rabbi Zweiter served as a Principal at the Frisch School and the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway (HAFTR).

Rabbi Dr. Hillel Davis

Immediately prior to aliyah, Hillel served as a Vice President of Yeshiva University. In that capacity, he oversaw the accreditation process of Israeli schools seeking to have college credits recognized by YU. Currently, Hillel serves as COO of Five Blocks, a digital reputation management firm located outside of Jerusalem.

Tova Rhein

An Israeli resident since 1991, Tova served for many years as Dean of Students at Midreshet Lindenbaum, a women’s seminary in Jerusalem. Upon her retirement in June 2016, Tova volunteers her talents at local schools in Efrat and to her children and grandchildren.

Rabbi Dovid Wadler

Rabbi Wadler served as Assistant principal in Yeshiva of Flatbush and then as founding Principal at MAYHS, a yeshiva high school serving central New Jersey. Since his Aliyah, Dovid devotes his full time to continued learning at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi and Herzog College.

Dr. Anna Woloski Wruble

Dr. Woloski- Wruble is a recognized AASECT sexual counselor and ITAM sexual therapist. She holds an academic tenured appointment of senior lecturer at the HUJI Faculty of Medicine, is a senior member of the Henrietta Szold Hadassah Hebrew University School of Nursing, and is a midwife. Dr. Woloski-Wruble has done ground breaking work with the orthodox/ultraorthodox community concerning sexual awareness and relationship development. She has also been a partner in a pioneering initiative for the development and implementation of a comprehensive sexuality curriculum for Jewish elementary and high schools. Most recently, she received the Faculty of Medicine Award for excellence in research.