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Why Distance Learning?

The best way to learn about Israel is to come here and walk the streets/visit the sites/talk to the people. The second best to learn about Israel is to virtually come here and walk the streets/visit the sites/talk to the people.

The Distance Learning Experience:

  • Provides students with the feeling that “we are here”

  • Gives your class the ability to access information and resources that are not available in your local region

  • Offers an “out of the classroom experience” within the classroom

  • Affords students the opportunity to see out of a “window to the world” thereby gaining fresh perspectives and ideas


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Why Distance Learning Live?

There are two modes of distance learning: Asynchronous and Synchronous. Asynchronous refers to programs that “reside” online and can be  accessed on demand. Many of these programs have various “discussion forums” and the like so that teachers and students can communicate with one another. Synchronous refers to classes that are delivered live by the remote presenter.

The reasons we prefer the synchronous mode are:

  • Synchronous presentations allows the presenter to tailor make the session to the unique needs of the particular group.
  • Synchronous presentations do not require the onsite educator to have prepared the material in advance.
  • Synchronous presentations foster the natural social interaction of the class setting
  • Synchronous presentations allow for spontaneous discussion and debate to emerge from the group
  • Synchronous presentations can be followed by questions and immediate answers regarding the material covered.

How can I best prepare for my session?

All are sessions are delivered via ZOOM. This is an easily downloaded app ( that really works well with almost no fuss at all. It pays to do a “test run” in advance just to make sure you know how to activate the video and audio.

  • Make sure that you have a large screen that can be easily seen by all in attendance, and that you have a sound system that is adequate for your group.
  • If you prefer each student to be on their own device, please make sure that they stay on mute and when they raise their hand they will be “unmuted” by the presenter.
  • Like any other adventure, getting there is half the fun. So please share with your students that they will be “going to Israel” and why you have decided to invite them to join you on this journey.
  • We would be pleased to suggest “pre” and “post” session activities that will enhance the value of the actual presentation.