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Bring Israel to life in your classroom, with distance learning sessions on a wide variety of Israel related topics. We aim to educate and connect students of all ages with the history, people, land and culture of Israel. Delve into the stories of the people and the land, and allow your students to discover Israel in a brand new light. 


Jewish Studies

תנ״ך, גמרא, מצוות א״י, הלכה and more.    

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ISrael Studies

Explore courses and sessions on Zionism, the Holocaust, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli history and culture, and more. 

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  • How special it was to learn from someone teaching from Yerushalayim. It enhanced the lesson because the students were studying the destruction of Yerushalayim from someone who is not only remembering the city, but also rebuilding it.
    — Sharon Sturm, SAR Academy
  • My TSBP 11 had their first class with Rabbi Cohn today. The presentation was excellent. The content was robust, the slides and videos were well organized and engaging. The student asked and answered questions. Nice to have this opportunity to expose the students to a master educator and content that is highly relevant.
    — Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dreilich
  • Phenomenal program! And Joel was available before and afterward at convenient times within our time zone. Highly recommend any…program. An unexpected insight into the Holocaust. Personal connections to other events or times that quiet, humble heroism was a powerful change agent in a situation. Inspired educators.
    — Jennifer Olsen, CESA, Wisconsin
  • The class was excellent. I was really moved and had tears in my eyes. I loved the documentaries and the concrete evidence of the people who experienced the separation from Jerusalem. well done.
    — Yehudit Liebb, Yeshivat Noam
  • It was fantastic. It is very difficult to get middle school students interested in topics, and I was amazed that they wanted to stay later and had so many questions. I appreciated your dynamic presentation and your obvious knowledge about the area. I thought the theme was right on as we are trying to educate young adults who think for themselves. I also appreciated your comments about Mexico. It is very important for them to hear that as well. Overall, it was a big success among both the students and the teachers. Thanks so much for everything.
    — Miss Marissa Rice, Queretaro, Mexico
  • Our residents thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! Everyone was commenting as they were leaving on how interesting and informative it was. They thought you were very engaging . . . and funny!
    — Emily Smith, Glenaire Retirement Community
  • The students were at an evening event at school last night and commented how much they enjoyed your “distance learning class"! They mentioned your very clear, crisp teaching style which was very much interactive. After their initial reticence, they liked the ability to exchange ideas and answer questions with you! The video clips and pictures were really beautifully integrated. One student mentioned that she now understands the concept of Aveilut, but is certain, after the discussion, of the rebuilding of Yerushalayim “stone by stone!” As young ladies, they loved the Chupah scene which brought to life the whole concept of “breaking of the glass” amid a wonderful celebration. They all agreed unanimously that “the fight for Yerushalayim in ‘48 was needed, despite the numerous fallen soldiers!” The class was truly inspiring. Really excellent!
    — Judy Meltzer, MDS
  • The four sessions really gave the full view of this important historical event. Every student needs to learn empathy, the importance of his/her perspective and impact of his/her actions or inactions, as well as how easily the masses can be persuaded. Your thoughtful presentations gave them these learning experiences. Thank you so much for your video installations which allowed them to see how events unfolded, the meaningful guidance you alloted, and the wide range of perspectives you shared. I hope to have the privilege of your presentations again soon; thank you so much. I will contact you as soon as there is a relevant connection to my curriculum.
    — Julie Douglas, Wildwood School Alberta, CA