Senior Learning SessionS

Senior learners are invited to “visit” Israel once a month and learn “Live From Jerusalem”. All you need is a computer projector/mic/camera and you’re ready to go!

Every month a presenter shares with the audience a “slice of life “from Israel that is both engaging and inspiring. Here is just a sampling of the sessions we have done over the last months: 


On Yom Hashoa we take time out to remember the events of 1939-1945. One aspect of the Holocaust which often is forgotten is to remember the “Righteous of the Nations” who often at great personal sacrifice, could not stand idly by as their Jewish neighbors were being hunted, and opened their hearts to save whomever they could by what ever means they could devise. We will learn about some of these amazing human beings.

May 2019: Israel @ 71 - Behind the scenes

Israel has just celebrated its 71st birthday!

The country that started out as a fledgling state in 1948 has blossomed into one of the most advanced countries in the world.

In our session we will highlight some of the unique ways that Israel celebrates Independence Day. From the International Bible Contest to the family BBQ Israel and Israelis have developed an intriguing array of events to mark this auspicious occasion.


Jerusalem based photographer Sharon Altschul, will share her recent photos from around the city chronicling the people/places/events which make Jerusalem so special.

July 2019: THE KIBBUTZ:then and now

In the early years of Zionism the kibbutz was an audacious experiment which aimed to settle the land while creating strong communities. For many years the kibbutz formed the backbone of Israeli society.

Times have changed and so has the kibbutz. Yes, there still are kibbutzim, and they still have much to offer.

In this session we will learn what was and what is.

Cost: $150 per session

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